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Jerry Brazzle — Key's 30 year old Foreman-in-Training.  Jerry started working with Key Constructors as a Laborer in 2014.  At 23 years old, he had no experience in bridge construction and his only connection to Key was a friend who worked as a laborer on another crew. 

HARD WORK is paying off for

A lot has changed for Jerry since 2014 — and not just at Key Constructors.  Jerry is now Dad to five children, one being just three weeks old!  Jerry's family is the most important thing in his life.  And Key does its best to recognize and accommodate that family should be a top priority.  However, it's still not easy working long hours at jobsites sometimes a couple hours away from home. But Jerry makes it work. His family always comes first, and he knows that as the leader of his family, their best path forward is rooted in his hard work and success.


Jerry's goal has always been to be a Foreman.  And he's now at the doorstep of turning that goal into reality.  If you asked Jerry, he'd tell you this road hasn't been easy.  He made it to where he is the hard way — through dedication, grit, and unwavering perserverance. And he takes pride knowing that it's been earned, and not given.  


"Jerry has always had great work ethic and  been very dependable since the day he started working at Key in 2014.  Jerry first really got my attention a year or two ago when I told him we were adding some guys to their crew and he got all bent out of shape, saying they did not have enough man hours to account for the extra guys on the crew.  It was then I realized he was thinking differently and ready for the next level.  Jerry is extremely hungry to grow, and he is always pushing himself to become the best he can be at anything he does."

-Matt Pringle, Bridge Superintendent

Even when it's not popular, Jerry challenges himself, and Key Constructors, to always be better — to never stop improving.  And that's why Jerry is a difference maker for this company.

Jerry Brazzle is a


Key Constructors, LLC

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Madison, MS

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