our culture

what does

it take?


Work Hard • Team Player • Attitude • Dependable


We asked our guys to describe the traits of the people they want on their crews.  These four -- the CORE FOUR -- were the final result.  We expect each person at Key to possess these traits, no matter their title or position.  We don't just use it to filter new hires, we also use it to evaluate and coach each person in the company.


is a two-way street.  We want, and encourage, our people to give us constant feedback.  What are we doing well?  Where are we failing?  We want all of our people to have a say in the future of this company.


We want every person to know exactly what is expected of them, how they are doing, their growth opportunities, where they can improve, the health of their crews, and so on.  Transparency equates to fairness and equal opportunities, which is a top priority for Key Constructors.


Key Constructors, LLC

219 Key Drive

Madison, MS

(601) 898-9892

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